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Strategic Framework for Digital Communications

The right mix of what to measure to determine communication activity ROI will always depend on your key objectives and overall communications strategy, which in turn must always tie in with the wider business objectives. I have seen communications strategies unaligned with the overarching businesses objectives, and doing so may well work from time to time, but it can jeopardise the longevity and perceived performance of an activity/campaign. I would strongly recommend to start at the top, the business objectives, and then work your way down. 



Social Media Strategy

Considering the Evolving Customer Journey in your Communications Strategy

There is no doubt that the customer journey is still evolving as people adapt to ever changing technologies, and the corresponding information sources that are enabled. “The average number of information sources used by shoppers doubled in recent years”, Professor David Bell. The new approach to a decision journey above attempts to highlight the complex and non-linear paths that people can take when discovering and purchasing products or services. Important to note when interpreting it is that a person can start at any touchpoint, except for ‘your business’, and move on to any subsequent touchpoint. A friend may tell you about a product (word of mouth), moving you from awareness to consideration to evaluation in the space of a conversation. However, you may then determine that you do not need the product at that particular time, and go back into the awareness orbit until you are ready to reconsider.